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Geneva 2017: Lexus unveils LS 500h with all-new hybrid tech


Lexus incorporates LC 500h technologies in the LS 500h flagship sedan

Lexus' all new full size sedan puts on a green suit and is now more eco-friendly at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed the LS 500h, it will look identical to that of a conventional, non-hybrid LS. The standard LS was first unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, featuring an all new sleeker design that follows the styling of their current line up.

Visually, the only difference between a standard LS and the hybrid LS would be a “Hybrid” badge affixed to the bottom of the rear doors, indicating it as the eco-friendly variant. Another subtle change to the hybrid LS are blue "L" badges at the front and rear. According to Lexus, the LS incorporates a "ground-hugging" design with their Yet design philosophy.


Inside, the LS500h's cabin is largely carried over from the gas variant save for a few hybrid details. For startes, the instrument cluster has been rearranged to accomodate EV modes and other information relating to the hybrid system. There is also an EV mode button located behind the touch pad, meaning this flagship sedan can run on pure electric on a limited range. The infotainment system also comes with a menu to keep track of the hybrid system.

Lexus calls their new gas-electric powertrain the Multi Stage Hybrid System. This system is also the one used in the LC 500h, the marque's grand tourer. It utilizes a lithium-ion battery pack and two-types of gearbox working together, a four-speed automatic and a continuously variable transmission. With all the added hardware, the hybrid version is expected to be heavier than the standard LS.

Meanwhile, the gas engine in the LS 500h is a new, 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, the first boosted V6 mill from Lexus. Unlike the regular LS 500, output for the gas engine is lower at 300 PS. Supplemented by the two electric motors, total output jumps to 359 PS. The Lexus 500h will be available with either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

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