Mercedes-AMG showed a glimpse of their upcoming concept car, the four-door GT Concept to expand the current GT lineup. The short teaser video released showcases what the German automaker has in store for the four-door GT concept. Reportedly, the four-door GT concept will be called the GT4.

It starts off showing a wide grille with vertical slots along with the iconic three-pointed star at the center, similar to that found in the AMG GT R and GT C. The front end also features what appears to be active aerodynamics with an active vanes found in the lower fascia, again much like its coupe counterparts. A futuristic style headlight is also seen which uses what seems like a full LED system, much like the LED Intelligent Light System used in their lineups now.

The side profile of the teaser include new rear-facing cameras which replace the traditional door mirrors. Split Five-spoke wheels finished in silver with bronze accents hide the large cross-drilled rotors and calipers that are behind them. Further towards the rear, the three dimensional LED tail lights also give it a more futuristic look to match that of its front fascia. The styling of the taillights is also similar to that of the AMG GT coupe. A singe hexagonal shaped exhaust exits through the center of the rear bumper.

Geneva 2017: Mercedes-AMG teases four-door GT Concept

Preceding the teaser video, Mercedes-AMG released a photo showing the rear quarter in digital form unlike the video which shows the actual car to be shown in Geneva. The earlier teaser highlighted on the rounded rear end designed similarly with the GT coupe except extended to fit an extra pair of doors while retaining the overall shape.