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Geneva 2017: Peugeot previews new tech with Instinct Concept


Peugeot tests the waters of autonomous driving with latest concept

The French automaker may not be bringing any new cars to the 2017 Geneva Motor Show as their latest vehicles have already made debuts in previous auto shows. However, they are to bring a concept car the highlights what will be next for the brand in Geneva – the Instinct Concept.

Exterior wise, the Instinct concept features more than just a pretty design, as the body is sculpted to reduce drag and be as aerodynamically efficient as possible, maximizing fuel efficiency. To do so, the Instinct gets rid of conventional door mirrors, but uses cameras to see the side. There are also cameras mounted within the LED headlights to scan the roads ahead.


Opening the coach doors gives us a look inside the minimalist interior. Very few physical controls can be found as well. Replacing most them, is a touchscreen control unit instead, part of Peugeot's vision of a future i-Cockpit future. Driving modes include “Drive” and “Autonomous” whether or not the driver wants to take control or sit back and relax.

An interesting feature inside the Instinct is what Peugeot calls the “chatbot”. Essentially, it is a “speech-driven personal assistant” that takes orders from the inside of the cabin. Details regarding the powerplant of the Instinct concept are scarce, but it is said to use a plug-in hybrid system producing 300 PS.

While the Instinct concept may remain as such, it gives us a glance of what upcoming Peugeot vehicles may look like within a couple of years.

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