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Geneva 2017 Preview: Pagani Huayra Roadster takes its top off


Pagani takes the top off the Huayra to give it more sky

Following the release of a series of teaser photos, Pagani has finally unveiled the Huayra Roadster ahead of its full debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The styling cues of the Roadster are still the same to that of the standard Huayra coupe. It does, however, have new features to update the look of the Huayra.

The design of the Roadster is similar to that of the Huayra BC which features a more tapered front fascia. It follows suit towards the rear of the Roadster along with the removal of the plate holder, giving the rear end a cleaner look.


New carbon diffusers are also similar to that found on the Huayra BC. Furthermore, there are new wheels and sculpted vents on the engine cover. These features gives the Roadster a more distinct look, compared to the standard Huayra coupe.

Powering the Roadster is the same Mercedes-AMG biturbo V12 used in the standard Huayra coupe only but a bit more powerful (764 PS to be precise) possibly thanks to a new tune. To put the power down, it is still mated to the same 7-speed single clutch gearbox.

Since the owners will not always be driving with a roof off, Pagani has supplied the Roadster with two different roofs, a carbon fiber unit and fabric fixture that can be stored in the car. With the removal of its roof, the Roadster weighs less than the standard Huayra coupe.

80 kg was shed thanks to a new carbon fiber-titanium hybrid build that Pagani calls "Carbo-Triax HP52”. The Roadster is actually more rigid than the Huayra coupe as compared to usual roadsters.

Similar to the Pagani Huayra coupe, only 100 units will be built with the price tag of $2.4million. Want to get your hands on one? Well tough luck, as all of the 100 units has already been accounted for, which is no surprise when it comes to cars like these.

The full debut of the Huayra Roadster will be at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March.

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