Toyota is set to unveil a new concept car for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed the i-TRIL, Toyota says that it is their vision for a future, all-electric, city car in the year 2030.

While little is seen of the car, Toyota previewed the front section of the car. Its grill is fully illuminated, complimented by long LED strips at each corner of the bumper. Hailed as a successor to the 2013 i-Road concept, the i-TRIL features Toyota's Active Lean suspension technology. Active Lean technology utilizes a lean actuator motor and adjusts itself according to road conditions and speed. The actuator then calculates the angle of lean which it does constantly.

The i-TRIL was developed by Toyota Motor Europe in collaboration with the company’s ED2 design center in Nice, France. While Toyota has mentioned that it will be powered by an electric motor, the automaker did not go into details for its powertrain.

Unlike the i-Road concept, the i-TRIL is a three-passenger city car. According to Toyota, their latest concept showcases the marque's research innovations in “delivering better mobility that is also kinder to the environment”. Toyota also said the that i-TRIL has been developed as a viable alternative to city cars, small hatchbacks (A and B segment), other all-electric EV models and motorcycles for people who still want to have “fun when driving”, even at slower, urban traffic speeds.

Toyota will be releasing more details on the i-TRIL in two weeks time.