Ever wondered what the future of autonomous vehicles could look like? Here is Volkswagen's take on what vehicles by 2030 could look like with the I.D. Vizzion concept. Design-wise, it looks like any other sedan that may soon be gracing the future roads. More specifically, it looks similarly styled to that of other vehicles in the I.D. model lineup. What makes it unique however, is found in the concept's interior or lack there of.

The I.D. Vizzion does away with any conventional methods of control such as a steering wheel, pedals and a shifters. In fact, there isn't even a dashboard. Instead, it moves about via voice commands and gestures with the occupants telling it where it should go. From there, a network of sensors and artificial intelligence takes over from there.

Genava 2018: Peek into the future with Volkswagen's I.D. Vizzion

In order for the autonomous vehicle to be able to go from point a to b by itself, a network of lasers, sensors, and cameras have been fitted to the I.D. Vizzion's exterior. Traffic data is also continuously obtained from cloud servers and is compared to data stored in the vehicle. It can also communicate with other vehicles in-order to gather more information about the roads ahead in order to plan its route.

Similar to other models in the I.D. lineup, the I.D. Vizzion is fully electric. It uses a 111-kWh battery which provides up to 665 km of range via the European testing cycle. The battery then sends power to two motors – one at the front and rear – giving it an all-wheel drive layout with a total output of 302 PS.

Genava 2018: Peek into the future with Volkswagen's I.D. Vizzion

Step inside and occupants are welcomed by four large captain's seats coupled with thick carpeting. Given that the I.D. Vizzion requires no driver, it gives the passengers more space all around. A large greenhouse and a glass roof further gives a roomy feel and lets in lots of natural light into the cabin. The AI found in the vehicle can also learn about passenger preferences such as driving, seating position and air-conditioning settings.

Given that no vehicle has been developed with level 5 autonomy just yet, don't expect a production model of the I.D. Vizzion soon. Instead, Volkswagen has simply given as a preview as to what we can see in the future of autonomous and electric vehicles.