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Geneva 2018: Pininfarina reveals the electrifying HK GT EV


Pininfarina presents their take on EV Grand Touring, the HK GT EV

Considering almost every manufacturer is on board with the whole EV movement, that’s not to say the design houses they turn to won’t have their own takes on electrification as well. From the looks of it, Pininfarina have taken to Geneva this year with a car that would use electricity for Grand Touring – the HK GT.

Created for the Chinese Hybrid Kinetic group, the HK GT appears to have a two-door coupe profile. Once its gullwing doors are opened however we can see that there’s more than enough room for 4 occupants inside. Talk about threading the line between 2+2 and four-seater.


The front end houses a striking vertical array that appears to blend the grill section with the lights as one with copious amounts of LED lighting. While the front grill is somewhat reminiscent of the current Mercedes AMG GT’s profile, the look itself is made distinct thanks to the lights. The body continues to flow with a long bonnet, a rearward greenhouse with a flowing roofline, and wide rear hips – a true textbook recipe for a Grand Tourer.

Inside the occupants are greeted with several screens to configure. The passenger even has their own screen for good measure. That flanked with quilted stitching on some hugging leather seats and the HK GT presents itself as a rather focused driving affair.

Powered by four independent electric motors, the HK GT is looking at 1087 PS powered by a 38 kWh battery. The Italian Design house says top speed will be around 350 km/h with a 0-100 km/h time of about 2.7 seconds. Range extenders courtesy of internal combustion, turbine, or hydrogen fuel cells may also likely come into the picture as the car approaches production.

Pininfarina imagines the HK GT as a vehicle used for the circuit just as well as it would do long drives. Hopefully we’ll see more of this vehicle as it nears production.

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