Mercedes-Benz has revealed the G 500 4x4² concept ahead of its scheduled debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed by the German automaker as a model brother of the G 63 AMG 6x6 and as a near series-concept, the G 500 4x4² is a four-wheel drive SUV that blends all of the advantages of the G-Series has made over the years according to Mercedes-Benz.

Externally it still resembles the current G-Series but has a AMG front bumper, carbon fiber body panels, twin sidepipes and 22-inch wheels wrapped in 325/55 tires. Also available are the optional off-road 37-inch mud/terrain (M/T) tires. Underbody protection is provided by a set of stainless-steel panels.

The G 500 4x4 2 concept

The company did not provide any interior images but stated that the cabin is trimmed in black designo leather with white stitching while the seats themselves are wrapped in dinamica and feature a diamond-quilt pattern.

The centerpiece of the concept SUV is its refined suspension system which consist of portal axles and a unique two damper strut setup per wheel. Compared to traditional axles, the portal axles place the wheels lower below the axle heads, which gives the the G 500 4x4² a 450mm ground clearance and a 1000mm wading depth.

As for the twin damper setup, Mercedes-Benz stated that one damper works normally with a set characteristic while the other one has an electronically-adjustable damping rate that can be set from Comfort to Sport in as quick as 15 milliseconds. With this, the company said that the concept SUV performs more like a 'sports car rather than a cross-country vehicle'.

The G 500 4x4 2 concept in action

Powering the concept SUV is a 4.0-liter twin turbo direct injection V8 that cranks out 422 PS. The company did not provide any more performance figures about the engine but they did say that the crankcase is constructed out of an aluminum alloy while the cylinder walls are made from Nanoslide ® technology which according to Mercedes-Benz, is twice as hard as cast-iron liners and reduces friction.

A production variant of the concept may be done by the company if the G 500 4x4² is well received during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.