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Germany sets new world record for largest parade of Land Rovers


Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland trails over 600 Rovers

Considering we’ve come to know Land Rover folks as some of the most die hard fans of their chosen platform, it’s safe to say that the appreciation for the boxy 4x4 is pretty much a global affair. With these vehicles seeing as much adventure as they do care, enthusiasts will usually go out on trails and road trips to truly enjoy their Land Rovers.

It’s already a sight to see maybe five or even 10 Land Rovers in a convoy around our parts, but Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH set a new record for the largest parade of Land Rovers ever gathered: Over 600 vehicles strong.


The exact number as documented by the Guiness Book of World Records was actually 632 vehicles, with roughly 80% of them being Land Rover Defenders of varying vintages and body types. Held in Bad Kissingen, Bavaria, Germany, Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland attempted the record in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the first unveiling of the Land Rover back in April 30, 1948.

To get to this staggering number, enthusiasts from all across Europe – a couple even making their way all the way from Siberia – gathered at the annual Abenteuer Allrad, the world's largest cross-country vehicle exhibition held in Bad Kissingen. In order to truly qualify for the record parade attempt, participants must traverse a 7.4 km track located on a large farmland in the area while maintaining a minimum 2-car-length distance from the car in front.

Participants who could not do this were discounted from the total count. Stewards for the record attempt were positioned at 1 km intervals to truly verify the gaps between cars.

Following the record attempt that lasted under an hour, Guinness World Records' adjudicator, Sofia Greenacre, along with two witnesses counted, verified, and subsequently awarded Jaguar Land Rover GmbH for the successful record attempt.

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