Thinking of getting a Jaguar or Land Rover soon but not entirely sure what to expect from these British-made vehicles? Fret not as All British Cars, the official distributor of Jaguar-Land Rover vehicles in the country, will be holding a three-day event that will showcase the brand's vehicle line up capabilities in a unique experiential event.

From May 25 until May 27, the company will be holding Jaguar's The Art of Performance and Land Rover's Above and Beyond Tour. The two-in-one event will allow members of the media and customers to learn more about Jaguar and Land Rover's brand history and heritage. Moreover, participants will also be able to get behind the wheel of their favorite Jaguars or Land Rovers and drive them in a series of courses that will demonstrate their on-road performance.

Both tours will be framed within a two-hour guided where a brand ambassador will take participants through the brand heritage stories of the two automakers. After which, they will then be assisted in the driving experience.

The Art of Performance Tour will allow participants to test out the Jaguar range through various driving challenges and obstacles. Customers will charge their way through simulations of various road conditions to experience how the vehicle performs in risky situations. On the other hand, the Above and Beyond Tour will give participants the chance to climb and descent steep inclines, maneuever through sideway tilts and wade through high waters with ease.

The event will take place at the Megatent Events Venue located at 100 Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5 Road) May 25 will be reserved for the media while May 26 and May 27 will be for the customers.

Customers that are interested in joining the event can register below via the links provided.


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