CTEK PH introduces new CS chargers featuring Adaptive Charging Technology

The battery is one of, if not the most important part of any vehicle. Keeping it charged and maintained ensures its proper function and performance. Coinciding with their annual Charge Your Car Day, CTEK held their first-ever virtual media event and took the opportunity to introduce two of their newest products to keep your car batteries in top shape: the CTEK CS Free, and the CTEK CS One battery chargers.

Touted as the world’s first truly portable battery charger, the CTEK CS Free features Adaptive Boost Technology. This tech can get a fully discharged battery running in only 15 minutes. CTEK Free automatically analyzes the state of the vehicle’s battery, and depending on its results, Adaptive Boost delivers only the amount of electrical charge required to bring the cell back to life – no more, no less. Compared to traditional “jump-starting”, the CS Free does not shock the battery, and that results in avoiding damage to the battery and the car’s electronics.

HOLD Never run on low battery with CTEK Adaptive Charging Technology image

The CS Free delivers 5A of power for all types of 12-volt batteries including EFB and lithium. When fully charged, its internal battery can last for up to one year and charging is made convenient through USB-A and USB-C charging ports built into the CS Free unit. It can also be used as a maintenance charger when plugged into a power source. With its LED display, the CS Free tells you how much time is left for your car battery to be fully charged, and as with all CTEK products, you can charge and go without worrying about over-charging.

The second product to take the spotlight is the CTEK CS One. Featuring its unique APTO Adaptive Charging Technology, the CS One is CTEK’s 12V adaptive battery charger. To avoid all of the guesswork, APTO does all the thinking for you, analyzing a battery’s chemistry, size, and health. It then goes beyond multi-step charging and applies the required charging program based on those parameters. You don’t need to worry about ambient temperature because the CS One also adjusts its output voltage automatically.

HOLD Never run on low battery with CTEK Adaptive Charging Technology image

Adaptivity and compatibility are also the highlights of the CS One, with its battery maintenance feature for both lead-acid and lithium batteries. If it detects a defective cell in the battery, it notifies the user if it can no longer hold an electrical charge. It also has a countdown indicator for when a flat battery can be restarted and how long it will take for it to be fully charged.

The CS One also has three unlockable features that can be accessed through the dedicated CTEK mobile app. There are RECOND mode is used to bring deeply discharged batteries back to life, SUPPLY mode turns your CS One into a 12V power supply, great for vehicles that are heavy on electronics, and Lithium Wake-Up mode for lithium batteries with under-voltage protection (UVP).

HOLD Never run on low battery with CTEK Adaptive Charging Technology image

After its recent acquisition of ChargeStorm AB, CTEK is well on its way into the realm of EV charging. Given their expertise and wide range of battery care products, the brand has established itself within the global industry as one of the companies that are actively making waves in the move toward sustainability and clean energy.

With CTEK’s main objective of refreshing the public on the importance of battery charging and maintenance, and how choosing the right charger for what’s under their hood can affect charging efficiency, the CS Free and CS One couldn’t have come at a better time.

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