The brand known the world over for making reliable small budget cars appears to be delving into the idea of making bigger, more upscale cars soon. Revealed at the recent 2017 Gaikindo International Auto Show (GIIAS) is the Daihatsu DN-F concept. Featuring a coupe-like profile, along with a prominent front fascia, Daihatsu's latest concept looks unlike anything the company has ever made.

Starting with its exterior design, the DN-F concept blends sharp lines and sleek shapes that make the sedan larger than its actual size. The front fascia gets what appear to be LED headlights along with a large grill. Also present up front are the faux side air vents and shiny metal trim that runs the entire width of the car.

Filling up the wheel wells are large multi-spoky alloy wheels. They come with black inlays and are wrapped in low-profile tires. Perhaps the DN-F's greatest feature is its absence of B-pillars. With it, egress and ingress in the DN-F can be done with ease. In addition, the concept sedan gets 'suicide' rear doors for easier access for the rear occupants.

In terms of size, the DN-F concept measures 4200 mm long, 1690mm wide, 1430mm tall and has a 2510 mm wheelbase. Interior features of the DN-F were not detailed however. Powering the DN-F concept is a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine that is mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Daihatsu is not saying whether this will become a production car, but based on its design and size, this may well be Daihatsu's B-segment sedan entry. With parent company Toyota already having the Vios, the DN-F could be a modified version that Daihatsu plans on making into a future B-segment fighter.

GIIAS 2017: Stylish Daihatsu DN-F concept sedan revealed

Apart from the DN-F, Daihatsu also present the DN Multisix people carrier concept. Like the DN-F concept, the DN Multisix gets a stylish exterior that is highlighted by the aggressive front fascia. It bears some resemblance to the DN-F sedan, but gets its own grill and headlight design.

Apparently, the DN Mutlisix has three rows of seating and comes with a large panoramic glass roof. There are also angular exhaust tips present on the DN Multisix, along with what look to be chrome wheels.

Expect some of the concepts' aggressive styling to be toned down once Daihatsu decides to make production models of the DN-F and DN Multisix.