Thanks to the breakthrough of modern technology, new cars are now more advanced than ever. Some vehicles are even interconnected in more than one way. Unfortunately, older models don’t have that luxury since the technology wasn’t available at the time. However, that isn’t stopping automakers like Mercedes-Benz to introduce connectivity services to their older vehicles.

The German automaker is now offering more customers around the world with the Mercedes me Adapter. With the adapter, connectivity services often found in newer vehicles are now available in older Mercedes models, showing vehicle data, services, and statistics via the user's smartphone. According to Mercedes-Benz, “connecting the adapter with a smartphone means that connectivity services are no longer solely reserved to customers buying new cars”. 

Some of the services that users can take advantage of include the gas station and parking space finder. Another function is "telediagnostics" wherein the app sends a warning message to alert the user directly to any malfunctions or problems relating to the vehicle. Through the app, customers can also book an appointment.

Give your old Mercedes connectivity services with this adapter image

“Our Mercedes me Adapter allows owners of numerous older Mercedes-Benz model series to enjoy the benefits of a connected vehicle. And setting up older cars for the world of Mercedes me is now even more comfortable: the new self-service installation option for use at home is simple and saves our customers valuable time”, says Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, responsible for Marketing & Sales.

Now, there are some limitations with the Mercedes me Adapter, especially regarding vehicle age. According to the automaker, it can be installed in vehicles as old as 2002. However, it wasn’t specified which models can use the adapter. But if you happen to own a vehicle older than 2002, then tough luck.

So if you want to bring your older Mercedes-Benz into the modern age, why not get the Mercedes me Adapter. It’s not a new infotainment system like Porsche Classic's Communication Management system, but at least it gets connectivity services.