Think Mercedes-Benz and a campervan isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Still, that isn't stopping the German automaker from building them. In fact, they've been doing so for a long time and they've just released a new one which they say is 'The camper van of the future'.

Glamp in style with the Mercedes-Benz Concept Sprinter

The newest campervan from Mercedes-Benz is based on the jumbo-sized Sprinter, and it packs not only sizeable living and sleeping quarters, but internet connectivity as well for those who want to stay online even in the great outdoors. Dubbed the Sprinter Connected Home, it's a concept for now but Mercedes-Benz says that it will head for production as early as 2019.


So far, Mercedes-Benz isn't saying what's inside of it just yet, other than it having loads of space. What they are saying is that the campervan is fully customizable inside, so you can spec anything from fancier upholstery, to more beds. It does come with a cooking area and a shower as standard, as well as beds which reveals itself when the roof is popped up. The main highlight here, according to the company, is what they call 'Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control'.

Glamp in style with the Mercedes-Benz Concept Sprinter

With this system, the lights, extendable awning, sound system, and air-conditioning can be controlled via a smartphone application. It can also check if the doors are locked, the levels of the gas cylinders and water tank levels and controlling the water drain valves, and the charge of the batteries, just to name a few. As mentioned, it also allows the campers to stay connected to the world wide web when out in the open.