It seems Mazda has quite a recall on their hands — one that will encompass well over 2 million worldwide.

Mazda has notified the Japanese Ministry of Land Transport [notification] that it will recall various models that were built between December 2007 and December 2015, covering even their more popular models such as the Mazda3 sedan, the CX-5, and the new CX-3. The recall was brought about by the paint applied to the hydraulic arm that holds up the rear tailgate or trunklid. If exposed to salt, the said component could rust and fail.

The recall involving the rear hydraulic damper affects 394,941 cars in Japan alone; there are about 1.8 million units that were exported to other countries and regions.

Another recall involves 117,030 units fitted with Mazda's SkyActiv diesel engine. The vehicles in question were manufactured between 2014 and 2016, and the faulty components in question are chips that could fail and potentially cause the engine to stall or cease operating. The reports state that the issue affecting the diesel engine covers models sold in Japan only.

The units affected by the hydraulic arm issue were all manufactured in Japan. Locally, Mazda Philippines sources the Mazda3, CX-5 and the yet-to-be-launched CX3 from Japan.