MG has had a stratospheric rise here in the country as of late. Just look at the ZS crossovers you see on the road. But the brand might just become even more popular should they bring in their pick-up based SUV.

It's called the Gloster, and it might arrive here in one way or another. We say that because it's also badged as a Maxus with the D90 name. The Gloster/D90 shares the same frame as the Extender/T60 pick-up, respectively. Over in Australia, these SUVs are also known as the LDV D90.

Gloster is MG

MG isn't mentioning any specs just yet, but one can base it from the Maxus version as well. It's a rather sizeable SUV, measuring in at 5,005 mm long, 1,932 mm wide and 1,875 mm tall. That makes it even bigger than the Ford Everest and Chevrolet Trailblazer, two of the largest in its class at the moment. But even if the Gloster and D90 are based on their truck counterparts, neither simply grafted the front end of their pick-ups on to an SUV body.

The exteriors of these two SUVs are markedly different from the Extender and T60. By the looks of it, it doesn't share any panels as these PPVs have more lines and curves all around. The front end of the Gloster and D90 are more rounded with a much bigger grill to give both a lot more visual presence.

Gloster is MG

Inside, it has a two-tier dashboard with a floating infotainment screen at the center. Also, the center stack is oriented towards the driver. The instrument cluster on the other hand is a mix of both analog and digital. Features vary from country to country, but all are equipped with Bluetooth, smartphone mirroring, and seven charging ports.

According to the Maxus D90's spec sheet, there is only one engine to choose from. It's a gas-fed 2.0-liter turbocharged mill that makes 220 PS and 350 Nm of torque. No diesel, you ask? In its home market of China, there isn't one. However, it might be possible they could stick in the 2.0-liter turbodiesel from the Maxus T60 or MG Extender. That's because this SUV will also be sold in India where SUVs in that segment are diesels.

Gloster is MG

There are two variants of that engine in the pick-ups, one being a single turbo with 163 PS and 375 Nm of torque, and a twin-turbocharged version that puts out 218 PS and 480 Nm of torque. We're hoping for the latter.

Whether it will be badged an MG or Maxus is still up for debate, but it could be an interesting addition to the competitive PPV class nonetheless.