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GM announces four new recalls involving 2.42M more cars


Affects about 2.42 million vehicles in the United States

General Motors announced another recall that affects about 2.42 million vehicles in the United States. The new set of recalls are for:

In the full-size crossover recall, GM says the “flexible steel cable that connects to the safety belt can fatigue and separate over time.” In a crash, “a separated cable could increase the risk of injury to front seat passengers,” the automaker said in a press release.


The 4-speed automatic transmission Chevrolet Malibu and Pontiac G6 are being recalled due to a shift cable that could wear out over time. GM says this may result in “mismatches of the gear position indicated by the shift lever.” Moreover, the said issue may disable the driver to select a different gear. The automaker also said that they are aware of the 18 crashes and one injury among the 4-speed Malibu and G6 models.

Moving on to the 2015 Escalade, GM is recalling about 1,402 vehicles because an “insufficiently heated plastic weld that attaches the passenger side air bag to the instrument panel assembly,” the automaker said. In the event of a crash, a partial deployment of the air bag may happen.

Lastly, GM said that they are recalling the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD full-size pickups because the “retention clips attaching the generator fuse block to the vehicle body can become loose and lead to a potential fire.”

As a whole, GM said in a press release to take a charge of up to approximately USD 400 million (about PHP 17.5 billion) in the second quarter, primarily for the cost of recall-related repairs. The automaker also said that this amount includes a previously disclosed USD 200 million (around PHP 8.8 billion) charge.

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