A new fuel saving technology was recently showcased by General Motors (GM) that the company claims can save more fuel for their future 4, 6 and 8 cylinder gasoline engines.

Called the Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF), it is a software-based technology that was developed by Tula Technology Inc. that controls whether to activate or 'skip' a cylinder while still providing enough torque and smooth delivery of power. GM added that instead of the usual fixed cylinder deactivation system that switches between fixed parameters, DSF constantly adjusts itself and makes dynamic firing decisions on each cylinder.

“This technology holds the potential to improve fuel economy on select GM vehicles without degrading power capability when it’s required. This joint effort combines software expertise from Silicon Valley with powertrain expertise from General Motors,” said Jon Lauckner, GM Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Global R&D and President of GM Ventures.

So far, independent testing done by Tula Technology Inc. yielded a 15% increase in fuel economy compared to gasoline engines that were not fitted with DSF.