App developers around the world rejoice! General Motors (GM) has launched an industry-first kit that will give programmers the possibility to test their apps in a real GM vehicle without having to fly to Detroit, USA.

Approved GM developers with an app designed under the automaker’s next-generation infotainment software development kit (NGI SDK) will now be able to do in-vehicle, real-world testing using a current GM vehicle infotainment system.

“By introducing GM Dev Client, we’re giving developers the missing link they need to finalize their applications. GM Dev Client will help us and external developers make sure the best in-vehicle apps are ultimately made available in GM vehicles, ensuring the best customer experience for drivers,” said John McFarland, director of Global Digital Experience.

GM makes industry-first test kit for auto app developers

GM’s NGI SDK will simulate real vehicle data and will allow developers to run their apps and test for errors without having to go to Detroit.

“Sharing more emulated data points through the SDK than any other automaker was the first step in opening the door for developers. After such strong adoption of the SDK, we wanted to enable developers to take the next step and allow real-world testing in our vehicles,” said Kent Helfrich, executive director of Connected Ecosystem Integration, General Motors.

By the end of the year, the NGI SDK will also offer specific layouts and templates for developers working on a particular app that only affects a certain aspect of the infotainment system.

With the GM NGI SDK, expect more apps to be developed for GM automobiles in the future to assist, entertain and make the driving experience safer for motorists all around the world.