More and more automakers are getting into energy-saving mode by deciding to utilize only power sourced from renewable sources like wind, sun and landfill gas.

General Motors (GM) is one of the pioneers of this movement, having started more than twenty years ago and saving US$ 80 million already to date.

The construction of a solar array in a GM facility

The Detroit automaker announces an ambitious goal of using only renewable energy in all of its 350 operations in 59 countries globally by 2050.

“Establishing a 100 percent renewable energy goal helps us better serve society by reducing environmental impact. This pursuit of renewable energy benefits our customers and communities through cleaner air while strengthening our business through lower and more stable energy costs,” said GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra.

This is part of GM’s approach to ‘strengthening its business, improving communities and addressing climate change’ as it joined a group of companies committed to 100% renewable electricity called RE100.

Renewable energy powering GM facilities eyed by 2050

GM is currently working on adding 30 megawatts of solar arrays in two of its facilities in China excluding the Jingiao Cadillac assembly plant that’s set to use 10 megawatts of solar rooftop and 20 megawatts of solar carports covering 8,100 parking spaces.

Currently, 22 GM facilities use solar arrays while three sites use landfill gas and four are set to collect wind energy.