General Motors may be bringing back the famous Z28 name, specifically the Camaro Z28 under the Chevy brand, as GM has just trademarked 'Z28', indicating the possibility of its return.

The 'Z28' nomenclature gained prominence in the late 60's as the performance-oriented version of the Camaro line up. The Z/28 (yes, it had the forward slash back in the day) was meant to be a competition package for the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Trans-Am series, and was powered by a 302 cubic inch (4.9 liter)V8 with 290 to 350 horsepower (sources vary).

There's no indication as to where the Z28 could be positioned in the Camaro line up. Current variants include the RS, SS, 1LE and ZL1. Quite possibly the Z28 might be positioned somewhere between the SS and ZL1, but only time will tell where it will be, how it will be specced and how many of Detroit's horses it will have.

SOURCES: TheCarConnection, Autoblog