The SUV that became infamous for being one of the most notorious gas guzzlers will supposedly make a comeback as a fully electric vehicle (EV).

Surely this is just a rumor right? Apparently not as General Motors (GM) has been actually thinking about that idea recently. While nothing is set in stone yet, people familiar with the matter have told Bloomberg GM wants to make it possible since demand for electric SUVs are slowly climbing. Not only that, GM wants to transform the name into something better in order to bury its gas-burning image from before.

This plan on reviving the Hummer name supposedly stemmed from CEO Mary Barra's plan of revamping GM from just building conventional, gasoline-powered vehicles. From its plan of having an 'all-electric future', bringing back the Hummer name is one of many options GM is apparently looking to use as they race to develop future EVs.

However, GM president Mark Reuss was not entirely convinced about the idea of making the Hummer into an EV. “I love Hummer but I'm not sure. We're looking at everything,” said Reuss.

GM to bring back the Hummer as an electric vehicle? image

While the idea of building an electric Hummer may sound like something out of science fiction or Hollywood, a famous Hollywood actor is one of a few proud owners of such a vehicle. Back in 2017, Arnold Schwarznegger presented his personal Hummer that has been transformed to run on electricity by Kriesel, an Austrian-based company that specializes in EVs. It is powered by a 100 kWh battery that sends power to two electric motors. It has a total system output of 490 PS, a maximum range of 300 km, and a top speed of 120 km/h.

With a smaller company already making an electric Hummer of their own, perhaps GM can look into that or partner up with Kriesel in order to get their EV plans moving. But with GM itself already busy making the next-generation of batteries, as well as EV platforms for their own vehicles, maybe GM wants their electric SUVs to be all built in-house and within the company.

In review, the Hummer brand went belly up in 2010 due to slow sales, as well as rising gas prices at the time. Originally, the company kept the brand alive before its eventual demise as the company planned on selling it to a China-based company. However, the deal fell through which resulted in Hummer being closed for good.