It seems General Motors is initiating a major restructuring at their regional headquarters in Singapore.

Based on a report from Reuters, GM will reduce their workforce at GM International; their Singapore-based office that oversees operations in ASEAN, India, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. The report also stated, based on a source privy to the move, that the 90 of the staff of 180 at GM International will depart, followed by another 40 by year's end, cutting down the total workforce to 50 or less than a third than before.

AutoIndustriya contacted Mr. Laurent Berthet, the head of the Products and Brands communications team at General Motors International, and he promptly sent the official statement from General Motors regarding the workforce restructuring. 


GM Statement Re: Singapore Office

General Motors announced key restructuring actions in its GM International operations to drive stronger financial performance and focus its capital and resources on business opportunities expected to deliver higher returns.

These decisions were made following an extensive review of operations in GM International markets and reflect a series of actions taken to improve global business performance that began in late 2013.

GM International will streamline its regional headquarters office in Singapore, which will retain responsibility for strategic oversight of the remaining regional business and markets, including Australia and New Zealand, India, Korea and Southeast Asia.

The office will be leaner and more decentralized with some oversight roles also located in the remaining markets.

GM is supporting affected employees through this transition. We are providing separation payments in excess of the statutory requirement, as well as career transition assistance. We believe this will assist our highly skilled and valued employees to move to the next phase of their professional lives.


In the domestic market, the primary GM brand is Chevrolet, and is handled by The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI). The company may have had a challenging 2016, selling 5,931 units compared to 2015's 7,382 units. The company has opened 2017 with a slew of new product launches including the updated Trax crossover and all-new Spark.