Last month, US President Donald Trump ordered General Motors (GM) on Twitter to start producing ventilators. At the time, GM had already been coordinating with Ventec Life Systems to build ventilators at their Indiana factory. Today, less than a month later, the automaker announced that the first batch of Ventec Life Systems V+Pro ventilators have been completed and are now ready for delivery.

GM-Ventec completes first batch of ventilators image

“Thousands of men and women at GM, Ventec, our suppliers and the Kokomo community have rallied to support their neighbors and the medical professionals on the front lines of this pandemic. Everyone wants to help turn the tide and save lives. It is inspiring and humbling to see the passion and commitment people have put into this work,” said Mary Barra, Chairman, and CEO of GM.

According to the automaker, more than 600 ventilators have been produced and will be shipped to hospitals across the US later this month. This was made possible through the automaker’s effort of sourcing hundreds of parts and assemblies from suppliers across the country, designing a new manufacturing process, and transforming their Kokomo factory.

GM-Ventec completes first batch of ventilators image

“Until there is a vaccine, critical care ventilators give medical professionals the tools they need to fight this pandemic and save lives,” said Ventec Life Systems CEO Chris Kiple. “This partnership is a historic effort and a great reminder of what can be accomplished with the power of American innovation and American manufacturing skill uniting together around a singular mission to save lives.”

Last April 8, the US Department of Health and Human Services also awarded GM with a contract to build 30,000 units of the Ventec V+Pro critical care ventilators. The automaker expects half of the order to be completed by end of June, with all 30,000 units completed by end of August. GM adds that they can continue producing ventilators after August should it be needed.