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Go camping in style with the Volkswagen Grand California


Volkswagen nods to Westfalia tradition with Camper-based Grand California

Volkswagen has had a long tradition of making special camper vans, known by enthusiasts as the Westfalia series, and they're continuing that with the Grand California. It's one of the biggest (if not the biggest) camper van Volkswagen has produced.

The company also has the standard California and it is based on the T6 Transporter. However, the Grand California is a step above the T6 California and it starts out life as a Crafter, their full-sized van. With that, Volkswagen pulled out all the stops to justify the Grand in 'Grand California.'


For more room inside, it rides on a long wheelbase and uses a high roof body. On top of that, there's a pop-up roof to go along with it. A roll-out canopy is also part of the package. Easing ingress and egress is a power stepboard which reveals itself when the sliding door is opened. Customers can also opt for a roof-mounted air conditioner, solar panel, and bicycle rack. No steel wheels or unpainted trim here, as the van has a chrome grill, alloy wheels and a two-tone paint scheme.

Inside, there are swivel chairs and a swing out table, plus overhead storage to keep the cabin nice and tidy. One can also do cookouts when traveling in the Grand California as it has a refrigirator and a gas stove with two cooktops. There's even enough space for four at the dining table, according to Volkswagen. As for sleeping quarters, there is a bed in the van, but pop up the roof and there's more space there if you have extra guests with you.

Showers are also no problem in the Grand California as it holds 110 liters of water in its storage tank. In addition to having a toilet and shower, its fittings include a fold-out wash basin, shelves with holders for toiletries, a cupboard with integrated toilet paper holder, towel holders and a skylight for ventilation. Meanwhile, on board entertainment comes courtesy of a television plus there is a Wi-Fi router for campers to stay connected while outdoors.

There was no mention of the engines but it is likely that a range of turbodiesel engines will be available for the camper van. Volkswagen did say that the Grand California can be specified with 4Motion all-wheel drive for that extra bit of traction when the going gets slippery.

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