Mitsubishi has, once again, given the Strada (also known as the Triton) an aggressive makeover. First, it was with the Barbarian SVP pack. Now, it goes a step further with the Huntaway II edition, and it's not just cosmetics that were changed. With the Huntaway II kit, Mitsubishi has, essentially, made a factory-built, off-road rig.

The Triton Huntaway II gets extensive changes under the chassis. For starters, it comes with a lift kit, along with uprated dampers to suit the demands of off-road use. There's a wider wheel track too and it now rides on 33-inch tall tires and 18-inch alloys. To protect the pick-up's underbelly, there's a thick skid plate at the front.

Mitsubishi Strada Huntaway II is an off-road rig straight from the factory

With all the changes to the suspension, Mitsubishi also made enhancements to the exterior. It does away with the standard front bumper. In its place is a steel bumper with an integrated bull bar. The wider wheels also meant the fenders had to be changed, and they are now wider than the standard Triton's panels. Even the bed gets the wide body treatment, making it a unique model. A snorkel is standard, as well as the steel rear bumper.

There's no mention of any changes in the cabin, but what is certain is the engine. It's been carried over from the standard Strada/Triton, meaning it's the 2.4-liter MIVEC turbodiesel under the hood. Its engine makes 184 PS and 437 Nm of torque, a bit more than the ones we get here which put out 181 PS and 430 Nm of torque. Four-wheel is, of course, standard and the lone transmission choice is a five-speed automatic.

Mitsubishi Strada Huntaway II is an off-road rig straight from the factory

Want one? Unfortunately, this model is exclusive to the New Zealand market, hence the slightly raised power figures. Also, it's only limited to just 20 units, perhaps making it the most exclusive variant of the pick-up. By the looks of it, it's ready to hit the trail and, the best part is, it even comes with factory warranty.