The Audi TT might be saying goodbye soon, but the automaker is far from discontinuing it just yet. Just recently, Audi decided to make an off-road machine out of the sports car by modifying it, and slapping on some cool decals and matte paint.

Say hello to the Audi TT Safari, a special edition one-off that packs additional goodies inside and out. Starting with the most obvious changes, the TT Safari gets an off-road style bodykit complete with overfenders, off-road tires, and some additional lighting placed at the front grill.

Audi TT Safari is one mean off-road machine image

But what is perhaps one of its most important features is its spare tire carrier. Without the liftgate at the back, Audi decided that the best way to have spare tires on the TT Safari is by placing it in the rear luggage compartment. You may not be able to carry extra goods but at least you have two tires at the ready should you end up with more than one flat tire.

Inside, the TT Safari remains relatively the same apart from some yellow contrast stitching and trim pieces that spruce up the cabin. Also sporting a yellow hue is the windshield itself which matches with the pre-dominantly yellow theme of the Safari.

Audi TT Safari is one mean off-road machine image

No powertrain details were mentioned by Audi for the TT Safari. We won't be surprised, however, if the automaker was busy extacting more horsepower from its turbocharged heart. It would be nice though if this particular concept comes with a RS-derived 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo which cranks out 400 PS and 480 Nm of torque. We would also not be surprised if this one-off came with quattro all-wheel drive.

Hoping that Audi makes this into a limited production car? Sadly Audi has confirmed that they have no plans on making the TT Safari into a production model. Still, at least Audi has provided the inspiration for others that could have been planning on making their TT into a rally machine.

Audi TT Safari is one mean off-road machine image

But in the unlikely case that Audi actually decides to make several models of these in limited numbers, it would be a nice send-off for the TT.