Some automakers have long experimented with using cameras to replace traditional mirrors on their vehicles for quite some time now. Despite that, none have yet been actually put into production. In fact, most if not all cars on the road today still use traditional mirrors. However, Mitsubishi may soon be changing that though with their latest development on object recognition camera technology.

Mitsubishi mirrorless car tech can now detect oncoming traffic

Developed by Mitsubishi Electric, they have recently announced what they believe to be ' the industry’s highest performing automotive camera technology'. The claim comes after the camera technology has been tested to be capable of detecting objects at up to 100 meters, giving drivers of future mirrorless cars advanced warning and enhanced safety. 

Mitsubishi Electric says the camera technology works by using a new model that mimics human visual behavior. Meaning, it rapidly focuses on different objects within the field of view similar to our eyes. It also uses the company's Maisart AI technology which allows it to have real-time object recognition. Maisart AI also distinguishes between objects seen such as pedestrians, cars and motorcycles.

Mitsubishi mirrorless car tech can now detect oncoming traffic

More development on the camera recognition technology is expected to come in the future. Mitsubishi says they plan to improve performance of the technology for driving in bad weather, low light, and on winding roads. 

For those not in the know, mirrorless cars are vehicles that have their mirrors (rear and side) replaced with cameras and object recognition systems. These vehicles have already been approved for road use in Japan and Europe since 2016. Mitsubishi expects them to be launched in Japan some time next year.