Will we soon say farwell to the Chevrolet Sail? That might be the case after the bow-tie brand recently revealed an all-new subcompact sedan at Auto Shanghai 2019.

Say hello to the 2019 Chevrolet Onix, a new subcompact that is set to take on the likes of the Honda City, Toyota Vios, Mazda2 and Hyundai Accent. First teased last March 2019, the Onix nameplate was first used for a hatchback for the Latin American market. Now, the Onix has been revived in China and now comes with a trunk, a new GM Global Emerging Markets (GEM) platform and a turbocharged engine under the hood.

Unlike the Sail which comes with a rather conservative design, the all-new Onix features a sportier and more upmarket appearance. Based on the company's lean muscularity design language, Chevy designers made the Onix have a more youthful and slender shape that they hope will cater to younger car buyers.

Goodbye Sail? Chevrolet reveals all-new turbocharged Onix image

In top-of-the-line Redline trim, the Onix gets the classic black and red color scheme throughout its body. The front grill gets a black finish that is complemented by red accents. Meanwhile, the side mirror caps are also finished in red while the side window trim piece are adorned in black obsidian. Finally, a set of 16-inch black aluminum wheels complete the Onix's sporty demeanor.

Inside, the Onix comes with a gray and beige interior finish akin to more upscale sedans. Higher-grade models can come with leather seats, as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Also worth mentioning are the 22 storage spaces available inside the Onix which Chevy claims make it ideal for family travel.

On the tecnology front, there's an upgraded MyLink infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay, OnStar safety link, real-time smart navigation, weather updates, AM/FM radio and even Bluetooth. Users can also make use of onboard apps that can provide media / streaming services, or navigation data. The onboard climate control, on the other hand, has an air purification system that creates a green and healthy environment inside the car.

Goodbye Sail? Chevrolet reveals all-new turbocharged Onix image

Under the hood is not a four-cylinder engine. Instead, the Onix comes with a turbocharged three-cylinder EcoTec turbo. While it only displaces 1.0-liter, it doles out a healthy 125 PS and 180 Nm of torque thanks to forced induction. It is then mated to a six-speed 'Dynamic Start/Stop Shift transmission'. With those kind of figures, the 2019 Onix is right up Ford's EcoBoost 1.0-liter engine.

Despite being a subcompact sedan, the new Onix will come with a plethora of safety features like: stability control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, electronic brakeforce distribution, reverse camera and a tire pressure monitoring system.

With a price tag ranging from RMB 96,900 to RMB 99,900 (about Php 750,000 – Php 770,000), Chevrolet's new subcompact fighter is packed with more tech and has a more attractive exterior design than the Sail. If it ever arrives here in the Philippines, it might give the competition a run for their money.