With the success of subcompact crossovers in the market, who wouldn't want a piece of that pie? Chevrolet certainly wants a chunk of it, and they have a new plan of attack to lure more customers in the Asian region into their dealerships. After all, they did release a teaser photo of a new, small crossover that will soon hit the market.

So for their new entry in the subcompact crossover class, it's goodbye Trax, and hello Tracker.

Or should we say, welcome back, Tracker. The name Tracker isn't new to Chevrolet, or General Motors for that matter. It was first used on the Geo Tracker, which was essentially a badge-engineered version of the Suzuki Vitara. When Geo folded in 1997, it became the Chevrolet Tracker, but it was still a rebadged Vitara up until 2016. But this all-new Tracker is no Suzuki with a Bowtie.

Goodbye Trax, hello 2020 Chevrolet Tracker? image

Riding on a General Motors platform, the Tracker is larger than the Trax, measuring at 4,248 mm long, 1,766 mm tall, and 1,674 mm wide according to enthusiast website GM Authority. It takes a lot of styling cues from its bigger brother, the Blazer. With that, gone is the rounded, bubble-shape of the Trax. In its place are more chiseled edges and defined lines.

For starters, the hood is set higher than the Trax, and the Tracker has a more upright nose, slimmer headlights, and larger, lower-mounted grill. The corners of the bumpers are then flanked by sharp edges with LED daytime running lights. Black cladding is then prominent all over the crossover's lower section, to give it a high-rider look.

On to its side and there are more defined creases on the fenders, doors, and quarter panels. Its window line then sees an upward kink, much like the Blazer. Unlike the Trax, the Tracker now has a third side window, perhaps to aid in visibility or let more light into the cabin. The roof on the other hand slopes downwards, forming the integrated tailgate spoiler.

Goodbye Trax, hello 2020 Chevrolet Tracker? image

Speaking of tailgate, the opening appears to be wide, and there's no high-mount license plate holder. Instead, the plate holder is just below the opening of the tailgate. The black cladding is also thicker at the back. Lastly, the taillights are of a hexagonal shape, and the broad-looking shoulders of the Tracker gives it a wider stance.

As seen by the badges, the car is slated for the Chinese market. Does this mean we won't see it in local dealerships? There is a chance. Given that Chevrolet Philippines has brought in the China-sourced Sail sedan in the country, there could well be a possibility of the Tracker coming to our shores.