Goodyear and the national auto club, the Automobile Association Philippines, recently signed a partnership to open a new AAP-Goodyear Autocare Store.

The new AAP-Goodyear Autocare store will house the AAP's motorpool and 24/7 call center. The facility will also carry on existing AAP services, including 24/7 towing and ambulance services, international drivers' license processing, and motoring insurance. It will be located at 683 Aurora Blvd. Quezon City.

Under the Goodyear Autocare format, the AAP can now also offer Goodyear-certified expertise in automotive servicing and tires to members, as well as offer exclusive discounts and promotional opportunities from the exclusive partnership with Goodyear.

This is a strategic and mutually beneficial partnership that gives Goodyear access to the AAP's vast membership base and services while giving the AAP a valued presence in Goodyear's nationwide dealership network.

"The AAP partnered with Goodyear because it is the best brand," says Gus Lagman, AAP President. "Out of all the brands we spoke with, Goodyear has the best offerings in terms of quality products, reach, knowledge and service."

Gerry Alava, Goodyear Managing Director, says, "We are happy that the AAP has put their trust in Goodyear for their service center and we look forward to a fruitful partnership with them."