GY is working on a lunar all-terrain tire

Did you know that Goodyear has been supplying wheels to NASA since the 70s?

This partnership allowed the aeronautical agency to equip its past lunar rovers with the necessary rolling stock for any kind of surface. Now, Goodyear will bring its vast expertise and experience in making tires to the latest NASA mission set to traverse the lunar surface. 

Yes, the moon.

The tire company has joined NASA, Lockheed Martin and many more in the Artemis program. The goal is to be able to drive and work on the moon. The project aims to build vehicles for the astronauts to use and also produce autonomous self-driving vehicles as well.

Drawing on its particular skill set, Goodyear is going to be using their advanced airless tire technology. They believe that the technology tested here on Earth will withstand the conditions on the moon while use on these micro-mobility, autonomous shuttles and passenger vehicles which will be developed by Lockheed Martin. 

The new lunar rovers will be traversing rugged terrain over long distances while operating in extreme temperatures. New tire capabilities need to be developed for years of durability and future application. With the company heavily invested in the program, the technology could trickle its way into the main consumer market here on earth and maybe dictate the tires of tomorrow. 

Project Artemis is hoping to have it’s first landed mission accompanied by the first woman and first person of color walking on the moon by the year 2025.