After winning a series of accolades across the Asia Pacific Region and around the world, Goodyear has re-launched Eagle F1 GS-D3 with more popular sizes in response to market demands. Since its launch in 2004, Eagle F1 GS-D3 has received recognition from auto media around the world, all of which continue to confirm the Goodyear Eagle F1 as the best performer in wet road conditions.

Maurice Graas, a major creative force and concept tire specialist based in the Goodyear Luxembourg Technical Centre, is the father of the innovative Eagle F1 tread pattern. As an artist, sculptor and engineer, Mr. Graas has embedded three patented technologies so that this all new ultra high-performance tire delivers a strong performance in wet weather without compromising on stylish design. "The best design is one that doesn't lose many elements after engineering. With a car, shape is not so important to performance, but with a tire, any small line or blade changes its performance, so everything must come together to make it work. The challenge lies in mixing function and appearance so that both elements are optimized", Mr Graas commented.

With the availability of Eagle F1 in more popular sizes, most users need not upgrade on rims, generally the most expensive part of a tire.

Honors awarded to the Eagle F1 include "The best in wet" in the Philippines' Tech & Tuner magazine's tire test in competition with Bridgestone Potenza SO3 and Nitto Neogen; praise from Australia's reputable Wheels magazine, the leading US automotive magazine Car & Driver and Europe's well-known Eurotuner magazine.

Ramon Barredo, General Manager for Marketing of Goodyear Philippines Inc., stated, "The re-launch of Eagle F1 with more popular sizes is a result of Goodyear's ongoing efforts to listen to customer needs and offer the products the market wants. More and more consumers can now take full advantage of the benefits of this widely acclaimed high performance tire with its OneTRED™ design which stabilizes the tread for less squirm and precise wet and dry handling, an extreme V-TRED™ design that sheds water for superior wet traction and a quiet, comfortable ride, and AquaSIL™ tread compound for enhanced grip, traction and braking."

For Angelo Barretto, Sportscar Endurance Racer, "Goodyear Eagle F1 is the all-around tire that gives track to street technology. It combines the technology of a racing tire with the optimum confidence and comfort for everyday use. Eagle F1 has dry grip in abundance; wet-weather peace of mind and it gives a Confidence Warranty that looks after the consumer".
Barretto explained that, "The new Eagle F1 sizes are a smart investment for car enthusiasts who want speed and security without worrying about increasing rim size or other associated costs like a lowered suspension or better brakes."

The Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 is currently available across the Asia Pacific region. Indonesia and the Philippines will be the first markets to see the re-launch of Eagle F1 with more popular sizes. Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 is available at all Goodyear Servitek and TyrePro outlets nationwide.