Goodyear Philippines officially launched its newest Ultra High Performance tire, the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 on August 7 at the Le Pavillon, Roxas Boulevard in Manila. Rainy weather dampened no one's spirit, as more than 1,200 guests participated in the day's activities, which included tire testing, product demonstrations, and the introduction of a theme song to accompany the Eagle F1's advertising campaign.

Using various BMW vehicles mounted with Eagle F1 GSD 3 tires, the Philippine's most celebrated race car drivers, including JP Tuason, Angelo Baretto, Kookie Ramirez, Mike Tuason, and Pia Boren, took VIP guests and the media around the simulated test track. Through a combination of braking, slalom, and aquaplaning exercises the drivers proved the Eagle F1's superb performance capability.

Demonstrations of Goodyear's technological superiority did not stop with the launch of the Eagle F1, according to Dave Morin, President and Managing Director of Goodyear Philippines. Following the test drives, Goodyear offered a demonstration of its run-flat technology. Outfitting a Mini Cooper with Goodyear EMT (Extended Mobility Technology) tires, Morin said that Goodyear proved its tires perform at equal measures, always safe, always reliable. EMT tires can run without air for 300 kilometers, which Morin said is about the distance to from Manila to La Union.

Activities stretched into the evening, concluding with the unveiling of Goodyear's newest theme song. Finalists battled it out in the last leg of Goodyear's first ever song writing competition, performing their Goodyear-inspired original composition before an elite panel of judges, including Morin. By the end of the night, the band Sunflower Day Camp, emerged as the winner with its entry "Goodyear All The Way". The band received P50,000 in cash, plus free airtime on popular radio stations in Metro Manila. "Goodyear All The Way" will serve as the official musical bend for the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3's media campaign.

"The day couldn't have been better," said Morin. "Product leadership and brand strength that was demonstrated at this event are among many reasons to believe in our company, and evidence that Goodyear will remain "One Revolution Ahead".