Designed to provide outstanding mileage on Asia's roads, Goodyear recently launched DuraPlus for the passenger value segment. The new tire has been proven by Goodyear to achieve mileage as much as 100,000 km (mileage projection by Goodyear Testing Division on size 185/65R14 as tested on Thailand roads), setting a new Goodyear standard for tread life in this segment. Incorporating its innovative TredLife TechnologyTM, the tire delivers longer mileage without sacrificing any of the safety and performance objectives that are at the core of all Goodyear tires.

"In today's challenging economy, Asian consumers are looking for exceptional value and our extensive research indicates that drivers of smaller passenger vehicles are looking to get longer tread life and more mileage out of their tires. With Goodyear DuraPlus, consumers are armed with the right tire to make each mile and each dollar count," said Dan Smytka, Vice President, Consumer Tires, Asia Pacific.

More than 100 engineers, physicists, chemical experts and tire evaluation specialists have worked extensively to develop DuraPlus, providing substantial mileage increase without sacrificing the tire's safety qualities at a cost adaptable to the targeted passenger value market segment.

Goodyear's Testing Division tested DuraPlus on company tracks in Mireval, France and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg as well as open roads in Thailand against leading competitors in the same category. The result - Goodyear DuraPlus lasted up to 80% longer than the competition. In addition, performance testing based on handling, comfort, grip and rolling resistance proved the advantages of new DuraPlus.

Innovated for Longer Mileage TredLife TechnologyTM

Behind TredLife TechnologyTM are a number of tire design innovations that were made to deliver longer lasting treads. Having great tread wear performance means having as much wearable rubber as possible on the tire. Taking this into account, Goodyear innovated a new generation wide face cavity that leads to increased footprint and more wearable rubber in contact with the road.

Maximized rubber volume also enables larger tire contact with the road, and a higher land to sea ratio tread depth allows for more wearable rubber.

Furthermore, Goodyear DuraPlus features an advanced carbon-based tread compound so the tire has a higher resistance to frictional wear, further contributing to the tire's long tread life and increased mileage.

Other Great Features

Improved fuel efficiency, precise handling and increased comfort are additional benefits of the DuraPlus design.

DuraPlus features a new carcass design incorporating a stronger fabric that provides less resistance to tire rotation, leading to improved fuel efficiency. Its asymmetric tread design also places more rubber on the outside shoulder of the tire, resulting in increased grip during cornering and precise handling.

DuraPlus has also been designed to incorporate the latest features that support a more quiet and comfortable ride, such as the closed outside shoulder of its asymmetric tread and latest design in pitching arrangements.

"Innovation is the lifeblood of our company," said Smytka. "We are committed to continuous research and development that sets new industry benchmarks in tire safety and performance. Asian consumers can rest assured that Goodyear will continue to deliver on their needs with more exciting innovations in the future," Smytka added.