Summer is here, and tire specialists Goodyear have come up with a new way to help motorists have a hassle free journey with a new
application for the iPhone in the new Goodyear Highway Helper.

The new app, made available through the iTunes store, the Goodyear Highway Helper features useful motoring information such as car and tire maintenance know-how, engine troubleshooting tips and even a step-by-step guide on changing tires. This information is available alongside fun, interactive phone games and quizzes. As another useful feature, the new app allows the user to locate the nearest authorized Goodyear service station for any servicing need. If users find themselves faced with emergency situations on the road, the Goodyear Highway Helper features a list of emergency numbers for taxi, towing, medical and police assistance across the nation.

"Safety is at the heart of everything we do in Goodyear and it is precisely this reason that we want to be able to keep people safe on
the roads during this peak travel season," says Ernest Estrera, Goodyear Marketing Director. "With this technology, we believe we are
doing the right thing by empowering motorists with safety information at the critical times that they need it."

The new app is available in all Asian countries including the Phiilppines and each country has a version that can be downloaded from
the Apple iTunes Store.