It should come as no surprise that many establishments are trying to adopt a new system of doing business once they re-open. With the health and safety of everyone now becoming a top priority, Goodyear Philippines will be implementing a Zero Contact Policy to reduce the risk of employees and customers alike from contracting the coronavirus.

The good news is that it’s such a simple process. Physical distancing is seen as a major factor in cutting the risk of infection, and Goodyear’s new system will try to make it easier and safer for everyone when it comes to servicing their vehicles.

The process starts with customers contacting Goodyear Autocare stores via Goodyear PH’s official Facebook account, or via the mobile number of their Autocare branch of choice. Customers must then set an appointment, and show up on their confirmed date and time. From there, the Zero Contact continues when the customer is asked to park in what Goodyear calls the Zero Contact area.

Goodyear PR image

From there, the Goodyear Autocare associates wearing required personal protective equipment composed of goggles, gloves, and masks will be the ones to drive your vehicle into the service area; make sure you leave your keys inside the car, okay?

The dismounting of the wheels and the mounting of your new tires will then be done away from customers and with distancing between employees. When finished, Goodyear assures the thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all contact points in and around the vehicle before turning the car over to their customer. Once they leave the car in the Zero Contact area parking, the job is done, and the customer can drive home with peace of mind.

It may all seem too simple and trivial, but what really matters is that the smallest details are given proper attention. For so long as safety precautions are enforced and observed, then Goodyear may have simplified the system for so many others.