Imagine having a tire that can immediately tell the driver just how long it will last based on road conditions or tread wear.  That is what Goodyear is currently working on.

Described by Goodyear as a connected, intelligent tire system, the connected tire will continuously measure, record, and send tire-derived information. The tires under development have sensors embedded in the rubber, sending vital information to the vehicle and compatible devices. 

The smart tire can measure tire wear, load, inflation, tire temperature, as well as road surface conditions in real-time. This technology could allow the vehicle to make adjustments for an optimized driving experience and better safety.

“Consider someone driving on a slick, curvy road in cold temperatures. The driver adjusts his movements by slowing down, tapping the brakes or avoiding sudden steering," said Chris Helsel, Chief Technology Officer at Goodyear. "But what happens when nobody is behind the wheel? The tire is the only part of the vehicle that touches the ground and it can communicate vital information to the vehicle, enhancing safety and performance."

While the said tire technology is not yet available to consumers, Goodyear mentioned that they are currently working with automakers and startups in developing the intelligent tire system. In addition, they are also busy developing custom products and solutions to help enhance safety for their customers.

With the tire company claiming that their upcoming connected tire system can reduce stopping distance lost between a new and worn tire by 30%, perhaps Goodyear's new system could mitigate owners from forgetting to change worn tires on their vehicles. Hopefully Goodyear's smart tire system will be available to the public market soon.