Goodyear, one of the world's largest tire companies, launched recently the much-awaited Wrangler High-Performance, All-Weather (HP AW) tire. Created for luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) drivers who drive mostly on the road, the new premium product is positioned to take advantage of the growing popularity of the upscale SUV market.

Built with Goodyear's latest revolutionary technology, new Wrangler HP AW features the latest in tread design, providing outstanding on-road performance that results in excellent ride comfort and quietness.

"Owners of luxury SUVs need a tire for the way they drive -- they spend a majority of their time driving on the road, not off it. Goodyear's latest addition to the renowned Wrangler line, which has led in the light-truck and SUV segments for over 30 years, seeks to address the needs of discriminating light truck and SUV owners who demand a comfortable ride without sacrificing tough capability," said Ramon Barredo, General Manager for Marketing, Goodyear Philippines, Inc.

Today's upscale SUVs and light trucks are more advanced, powerful and luxurious than ever before. They are also built to complement the owners' busy lifestyles. Whether for transporting to work, running errands, or enjoying the nightlife, their SUVs serve as their perfect companions, that in turn, need equally capable tires that deliver ultimate performance and comfort.

"Goodyear has succeeded in gaining high levels of consumer confidence through the development of strong brand names. With the launch of Wrangler HP AW, we are further strengthening the Wrangler brand that has come to represent luxurious comfort, high quality, and outstanding performance. We are very proud to have gone beyond the SUV consumer's demands with Wrangler HP AW. Through this new premium tire, Goodyear fulfills all their needs –- and more," said Barredo.

To provide a peaceful ride, the new Wrangler HP AW features the SilentBlock Design that enables the tire to control road noise. A variable tread block sequence helps reduce noise for smooth and quiet ride, while linked shoulder elements help minimize noise even as the tread wears over time. In addition, an angular centerline block softens contact with the road for a quiet, comfortable experience.

Goodyear's new premium tire also uses SilentArmor TechnologyTM –- it is built with a layer of DuPont Kevlar®, proven to be five times stronger than steel, that helps absorb road noise for a quiet ride. This technology not only offers comfort, but also provides strength and rugged toughness for any type of driving conditions.

With Wrangler HP AW, ride comfort does not come at the cost of safety. Through its SmartTred Design, the new Wrangler excels in both dry and wet handling. The innovative design enables the tire to adapt to road conditions for enhanced traction and stability, inspiring confidence in all road and weather conditions.

Meanwhile, Wrangler HP AW's center tread area provides more traction on wet roads and low-grip surfaces such as gravel and dirt. Sturdy shoulder blocks help deliver stability during sudden stops and highway speeds, as well as traction and handling on dry roads. Bi-directional blading provides enhanced wet traction when driving straight or cornering, while the Silica loaded tread compound ensures unsurpassed wet traction and excellent mileage.

"Goodyear's extensive test results confirmed Wrangler HP AW's extraordinary performance. By responding to the consumers' demand for luxurious comfort via smooth ride quality and low road noise in any road condition and during any weather, we hope to provide an incomparable driving experience for every SUV owner on the road," Barredo said.

Fitting the most popular luxury SUVs and trucks, the new Wrangler HP AW is available in the following sizes: 205/70R15 96H, 225/70R15 100H, 235/70R15 103H, 215/65R16 98H, 215/70R16 100H and 265/70R16 112H.