In the interest of transparency, Google will now be releasing monthly reports regarding their self driving cars which includes incidents and progress. The progress report for the month of May is now available on Google's self driving car page.

Google's monthly reports include an activity summary, “scenes from the street”, “interesting situation of the month” and accidents. The self driving car program has been around since 2009 and, according to Google, they have logged 1,627,591 kilometers on autonomous drive and 1,281,440 kilometers on manual mode. Google says they average over 16,000 kilometers per week on autonomous drive.

Lexus Google

At the moment, Google's self driving fleet consists of 23 Lexus RX450h's which are currently on public roads and 9 prototypes which are undergoing further testing in closed courses. The fleet of Lexus RX450h's on public roads are mainly driven in Mountain View, California.

In Google's progress report for May 2015, the self driving car responds to emergency vehicles by remaining stationary in an intersection as it waited for the ambulance to cross the road. Google also reported their self driving cars are “good at keeping track of moving objects, even at night” after it detected two bicycles entering its lane.

Lexus Google on road

Google also included incidents involving the cars. Since the program had started, the self-driving cars have been involved in 12 minor accidents, none of which were caused by the car. Most of the incidents involve the cars being rear-ended or side-swiped by other road users.

For more information, click here for Google's progress report for May 2015