Ferrari BR20 is based on the GT4CLusso

Ferrari is no stranger to building one-off and limited-run models for its wealthy clientele through the Special Projects team. These are often the most beautiful cars built by the Prancing Horse brand, and its latest creation is no exception. Meet the one-off BR20, a Ferrari that aims to blend modern design and tech with the essence of models from the 50s and 60s.

Gorgeous Ferrari BR20 is a one-off V12 grand tourer image

Though it's hard to tell, the BR20 is based on the now-discontinued GT4CLusso and is powered by a V12 engine. Ferrari's Special Projects team did away with the model's shooting brake design in favor of a more traditional grand tourer look. As a result, it makes the car look like an 812 Superfast from some angles. According to Ferrari, the car takes specific inspiration from the 410 SA and the 500 Superfast.

At the front, you'll see a closer resemblance to the GT4CLusso. There's a large grille with aggressive air vents coupled with a pair of sleek headlights that sit low near the bumper. While the hatch is gone, Ferrari retained the GT4CLusso's dual taillight design. It's now matched with a more aggressive bumper with an integrated diffuser. No doubt it looks gorgeous.

Gorgeous Ferrari BR20 is a one-off V12 grand tourer image

Still don't believe this one-off is based on the GTC4Lusso? The interior of the BR20 closely resembles the shooting brake's original cabin. However, you'll notice that the rear seats are gone; this one-off Ferrari is strictly a two-seater. As for the color, the cabin is lined with a mix of brown and carbon fiber.

Under the hood lies the GTC4Lusso’s 6.3-liter V12 engine. Ferrari didn't mention any mechanical modifications, meaning it continues to produce 690 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. A 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox then sends power to the wheels.

Gorgeous Ferrari BR20 is a one-off V12 grand tourer image

As with most one-off models, Ferrari didn't reveal who the owner of the BR20 is. But one thing is certain – they definitely paid more than the SRP of a standard GTC4Lusso.