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GrabCar launches in the Philippines


Service is now testing in Malaysia and will soon be in the Philippines.

If picking up taxis is getting tedious and you’ve had enough of the ‘playing-hard-to-get drivers,’ you may not have to bear with all of that for far too long.

Malaysian internet-based taxi booking service GrabTaxi, which has been available in the Philippines for a while now, just launched their newest and more premium service, GrabCar.

It will also be internet and mobile-based and will allow users to book a limousine, right now the only choice is a Teana but more options to come as it moves forward.


"We saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the industry with GrabCar, without taking away business from our core user base of taxis. It would give our passengers that upmarket, personalised experience, safety and reliable rides," said founder and CEO Anthony Tan.

Since this is a more premium service, the fee will naturally be higher than that of GrabTaxi.  GrabCar is initially being run in Malaysia and will soon be available in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

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