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Gran Turismo Sport rolls out major update for December


New Cars, Career Mode, Offline play all in store

Having been launched last month promising true-to-life motorsports simulation, Gran Turismo (GT) Sport has re-established itself as the staple racing game for the Playstation console. With its focus centered around competitive online play, the game has become somewhat lacking in terms of its vehicle roster and single player content – the key foundation of every GT game that’s preceded GT Sport. That said, feedback for the current iteration of GT has been mixed, but it appears Polyphony Digital is out to make amends with its fans with a major update coming in December.

Based on a blog entry on, a large chunk of the update revolves around a new single player mode. Dubbed the “GT League”, this new mode appears to be the old-school Career Mode that we’ve all come to love. Packed with various types of races with different restrictions or requirements, this should keep the avid fan busy racking up credits and adding cars to their collection.


Speaking of single player modes, another gripe we’ve had with GT Sport is the fact that most of its current content revolves around online play. Simply put, no internet = no Gran Turismo for you. The December update changes this by making Scapes, the Livery Editor, and of course the GT League available for offline play. Despite this though saving progress still requires you to be online, so you may still want to keep your network in check as you play.

While the detail put into GT Sport’s car roster is nothing short of perfect, its current 150+ cars leaves the average fan with a lot left to be desired – we’re so used to choosing from 1000+ cars after all. We can’t expect Polyphony to churn out all 1000 cars with the same level of detail as they do now, but of course they’ll be adding a few new cars to the list for us in this next update. Twelve new cars will make their way into the game in december, namely:    

The cars mentioned above appear to be the tip of the iceberg, as GT plans to roll out a total of 50 new cars in updates throughout March 2018. Looks like we’ll have plenty to look forward to from Gran Turismo Sport after all!

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