Earlier this week, the highly anticipated 'real driving simulator', Grand Turismo Sport, was released. Together with its launch comes multiple versions of the game. Depending on the region, some versions comes with a few extras. For example, the Limited Edition version released locally comes with an additional metal hardcase and multiple in-game extras. In Taiwan however, one can pick up Gran Turismo Sport together with a real 2018 Mazda MX-5.

Gran Turismo Sport 'Super Bundle' packaged with a real Mazda MX-5

Called the Gran Turismo Sport 'Super Bundle, it costs $1.4 million New Taiwan Dollars or roughly Php 2,385,000 and is exclusively available in the Taiwan market. Included in the bundle is a copy of Gran Turismo Sport, a PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers and a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership which is needed to play the game online. Apart from the PlayStation 4 accessories, it also comes a Sony BRAVIA 4K TV, Thrustmaster GT-T, an APIGA AP1 racing seat and the Mazda MX-5.

Unlike a standard MX-5, the one packaged with the 'Super Bundle' is finished in Soul Red Premium Metallic paint. In order to distinguish it from a regular MX-5 of the same color, it will also feature a custom Gran Turismo Sport livery. Apart from the graphics and color, the GT Sport bundled MX-5 remains the same a standard MX-5.

Those disappointed that the Gran Turismo Sport 'Super Bundle' is not offered locally can actually re-create the package themselves for the roughly the same price or possibly even cheaper.