Geely recently unveiled the GC9 sedan ahead of its public appearance at the 2014 Guangzhou Auto Show in November. According to the Chinese auto brand, it will be their "most ambitious vehicle to date in terms of design, technology, safety and driving dynamics."

Rear quarter view of the Geely GC9

The car was designed by Chief Designer Peter Horbury, who previously managed the Volvo design team before moving to Geely in 2012. It is Horbury’s first car under Geely and it is based on the KC Concept that was originally showcased last April during the 2014 Shanghai Auto Show. Moreover, the car carries the company’s global design language which will be present in future generation of cars that are being shaped by Geely’s global design team.

Horbury and his team drew inspiration from the silhouette of jet fighters and supercars in crafting the sedan. The front of the vehicle has a distinctively-shaped grill that is flanked by dual headlights and foglamps. Furthermore, creases and lines that run from the front towards the rear dominate the side profile of the car. At the rear, trapezoidal taillights along with dual exhaust pipes adorn the tail section of the GC9.

Interior of the Geely GC9

Inside, the team thought of using ancient Chinese stone bridges in creating the dashboard and center console, meeting Horbury’s intention of building a subtle yet neat interior. Darkwood trim and stitching lines at the center of the seats highlight the Chinese luxury and heritage that Geely wanted to convey.

However, engine specifications were not yet detailed by Geely.