It's no secret that Nissan will be launching the 370Z sports coupe pretty soon. After all, they previewed it nearly two years ago at the Philippine International Motor Show. That time, it had yet to be known what variants will be offered here. Now, the wait won't be for much longer.


Upon launch, there will be three models to choose from, namely a seven-speed automatic, a NISMO edition also with an automatic transmission, and, to the delight of enthusiasts, a six-speed manual. To those who still prefer to row their own, Nissan is giving you the opportunity to have one in a powerful rear-wheel-drive coupe.

The standard versions of the 370Z are powered by a 3.7-liter, naturally-aspirated V6 engine that produces 337 PS and 365 Nm of torque. Opt for the NISMO and it gets an uprated version of the aforementioned 3.7-liter mill. From 337 PS and 365 Nm, power is bumped up to 349 PS and 374 Nm of torque, an increase of 12 PS and 9 Nm, respectively. The NISMO version also gets handling upgrades such as stiffer springs, new shock absorbers, and larger stabilizers compared to the standard 370Z. Brakes are also uprated, and there are additional chassis braces to go along with it.

Guess how much the Nissan 370Z will be here image

And now, for the moment you're waiting for: the price (updated with official pricing).

For the six-speed manual, it starts at Php 2,779,000. The seven-speed automatic Z, on the other hand, is Php 100,000 more than the manual at Php 2,879,000. As for the NISMO, it's one million on top of the automatic at Php 3,889,000. The NISMO is only available at the Nissan High-Performance Center in Quezon Avenue.

With that, will Nissan be introducing more sporting models in the Philippines? During PIMS 2018, they said they plan to expand the NISMO brand here. Let's hope they will be able to deliver on that front soon.