Gulf Oil International expands their networks in Africa and Southeast Asia; with the first fuel service station opening in the Philippines through the help of the JBY Petrol Trading Inc., licensee partner of the company.

Spread over a huge area on a national highway at the Town of Abucay in Bataan province, the fuel station also has Lube Express services and a Gulf store.

During the launching event, a motorcade of Gulf decaled racing cars and bikes went around the major towns surrounding Gulf Station. Also included is an exhibition basketball challenge organized between the two top teams of the city. Three top basketball players also came to meet and greet the local community.

In attendance at the opening were governor of Bataan, Albert S. Garcia; Abucay city mayor, Ana D. Santiago; senior delegates of JBY Petrol Trading; and senior officials from Gulf Oil International including, Vice President Internation, Frank Rutten.

Gulf Oil also said that they plan to expand their network in at least 60 countries by 2020. The networks are already present in 19 countries. Meanwhile, they also plan to open networks in another 6 new countries.

Apart from this, Gulf Oil also recently signed a trademark agreement with Zenrin USA, Inc. which develops original satellite navigation products for the automotive and smartphone navigation app markets.

By the end of 2016, the company will start showing the location of Gulf service stations on the dashboard satellite navigation systems of several major motor vehicle brands in countries where Gulf stations operate.