An all-new Ford Explorer could soon be making its way to the Philippines. But it appears that the Blue Oval brand can't seem to catch a break with the outgoing generation.

Back in June, Ford had to recall 1.2 million units of the previous generation Explorer due to faulty rear suspension toe links that can suddenly fracture over a long period of time. Now, the automaker has issued another recall on a certain number of Explorers over an unusual safety risk.

It does not involve the engine, wheels, suspension, or the airbags. Instead, the latest recall to hit Ford has them dealing with (of all things) the seat frames. Initially, one might think this has something to do with a faulty servo or actuator. But according to the automaker themselves, affected models that are equipped with power seats may have seat frames with sharp edges.

Should a customer come in contact with the sharp edges when reaching between the power front seat and center console, they run the risk of incurring an injury. In fact, Ford announced that they are aware of 31 reports of hand injuries due to the sharp seat frames.

Hands off: Ford recalling select 2017 Explorers over sharp seat frames image

311,907 vehicles are part of the recall in the US and federal territories alone. Meanwhile, Canada and Mexico have 23,380 and 3,045 units that carry the sharp seat frames respectively. This results in a total of 338,332 examples affected. All of the vehicles were built at the company's Chicago Assembly Plant from Feb 13, 2016 to Oct 25, 2017.

To amend this problem, dealers will install flocked tape to the exposed edge and tab on the inboard side of the power seat frames. Ford advised its customers to avoid coming into contact with the seat frame edge until the repair is complete in order to avoid injury.

If the newer 2020 model can send you flying from your seat in an event of a crash, the older Explorer can give a painful cut on the hands. No reports yet from Ford Philippines if there are any local models affected. However, given that our Explorers also come from the same factory in Chicago, we wouldn't be surprised if they have units here that have unusually sharp seat frames.