This guy named Anthony “Master Le” Le, which caught our attention for his hardcore Iron Man costume turns out to be more than a brilliant fabricator of robotic costumes for cosplays. A quick browse on his youtube channel reveals the evolution of his Iron Man suit and some more of his brilliant creations like Mass Effect 2's Kestrel armor, War Machine, Tron, Zoids, Crysis to name a few.

Based on his creations, it is safe to assume that he's a technical nerd, lo and behold videos of his EK Civic are also included in his youtube account. He stepped up the level of his geekiness by swapping its engine with a J32a2 V6 engine from a 2003 Acura CL Type S. Anthony Le did all of this by himself(and explains everything in the videos and online forums), from the swap to the wiring, apparently he's really that dedicated to everything that he does.

Videos of the car can be viewed below

My Civic EK/EJ J32a2 V6 swap update

My Civic EK/EJ J32a2 V6 swap

His infamous Iron Man costume