Hyundai PH inaugurated the company’s 10 hectare Logistics Center located along the Pan-Philippine National Highway in Barangay Makiling, Calamba, Laguna. The Hyundai Logistics Center (HLC) is an eco-friendly facility that intends to deliver efficiency and sustainability. 

HLC Stockyard

The architects behind HLC made use of the concept called adaptive reuse which enabled the facility to save energy with its various feature in lighting and ventilation. With this, the HLC followed the standards of the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI) and received a special certificate from PGBI for having implemented design standards equal to "Kamagong," the highest distinction for green buildings. 

HLC LED-lit PDI area

According to Hyundai, the HLC uses LED lighting fixtures which reduces energy consumption up to 52-percent. The HLC also has its own water facility and collects rainwater for use on siphoning, irrigation and other uses.

In line with Hyundai’s vision to build an eco-friendly facility, no trees were cut in constructing the HLC. Existing trees are incorporated to the design, while existing walls, trusses and roads are all kept and refurbished. Materials used are also high-quality to minimize replacement.

The HLC also comes with a designated warehouse that features genuine Hyundai parts and accessories. It caters to dealer and customer needs nationwide.

Hyundai Logistics Center

In addittion, the HLC features the brand’s Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) model showroom. GDSI is the new standard of Hyundai Motor Company for all dealerships worldwide, paving the way for a unified design for all showrooms in any part of the world.